Saturday, January 12, 2008

New shoes

January weekday.1723 London to Eastbourne service.

Floor rucsac guy: ‘Yeah man, I LOVE the rain. Yeah. LOVE IT.Iwon’t lie to to you I’ve had a nightmare journey but I’m here now and yeah man, hey, you know what?
I haven’t got any shoes…..yeah, well I HAD shoes, but you know, well I took off my shoes and socks to relax a bit and….they were gone.’

Seat suit: ‘Yeah, hi, just on my way back from London. Well, to be honest, he was bit weak, its like he couldn’t be bothered. No, nothing I couldn’t have learnt a couple of hours reading it on my own. But if going all the way to London for 3 days is what Dave wants…. well theres only four of us and a MUPPET. Yeah and theres this Colin character. Muppet.I don’t like to say it but I think he’s a bit (pauses) slow.I normally would get to know new people in the lunch break but with him I just couldn’t be bothered- just went for a walk on my own. If you have to say something you have to say it a hundred times. I can tell you if he’s on my team, its going to be a very short probation, know what I mean?’

Floor rucsac guy: ‘Hi MAN. Yeah its me.Yeah I’m on the train to Eastbourne.I’ve got no shoes man. Coming to you like Jesus! Like JESUS.’

At Eastbourne I wait behind rucsac guy to get off. He has a pair of boots tied to the back of his rucsac.

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