Saturday, July 01, 2006

Politicised street Eastbourne ?

Banksy, is an artist who leaves stencilled-graffiti like art in unlikely urban environments.
I saw this one, that looks like one of his on the side of an undertakers by Eastbourne station.

Did a bit if a double take as I've never seen anything like this in the 6 years I 've lived in the town.Unlike Brighton,where I used to live where Banksy-style art pieces can be seen all over town.I got quite excited once when I spotted an anti MacDonalds sticker once in Eastbourne.
An excitement that was short lived until I found some BNP flyers in a phone box.

Whether its a Banksy or imitator, if you ask me (or if you didn't) its good for Eastbourne-the appearance of some kind of intelligent creative energy in what is a beautiful-but-staid place. And before you mention it, no, I don't consider the hedge trimmed into the words 'Arndale centre' as an example of this (appearing on this blog soon perhaps).