Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hard Times

The recent interest rate increases have hit some South coast residents harder than others.We've had to forgoe modern garments for this hardy all-purpose stone-age wear.Not sure how waterproof it is, but still, as Ray Mears says, skin is the ultimate in breathable membranes right?

John's first move

Went to bed and John was on the window ledge.The next morning, he's snuggled up with Mutley puppy, a 14 month old springer spaniel,Mutley was surprised and possibly slightly disturbed at his new crate-mate
(actually its a cage but apparently we call them puppy 'crates').John does not seem to have eaten any of Mutley's food which may be a cunning ploy to endear himself to his new canine buddy-only time will tell.

John is here

He just appeared.On the window ledge of the front room on a November Sunday evening.Staring in benignly, half action man / half sophisticate. No one saw him arrive or knows how he got there, somehow one of the kids knew his name was John.