Sunday, November 19, 2006

The truth is out there ?

'People will DIE' Shes said it now three times.And the reaction to the most recent and dramatic utterance is no different to the previous times.Issues?
The menagerie of people in this public (ish) meeting have got more issues than a UN conference.
Theres the politicians.Opportunist, petulant and downright childish.The NHS senior Directors with the Powerpoint presentation, the management-nonsense speak-health communities, best value etc

And the angry-at-everybody lot.
This is a pre-consultation-(non) consultation on the 're-configuration' of some of the local hospital services.Its pretty much impossible for a genuine non aligned enquirer to get near the truth of whats going on here.What it all means.Will the maternity unit close?
Where are this army of community health care professionals to carry out all this dynamic home-care for the otherwise-hospitalised ?

The NHS Directors agenda is wrecked by angry speeches and shouting.The professional facilitator-local Radio DJ type manages to salvage something and when half the attenders have stormed out, there are discussions around tables with salient points summarised on the ubiquitous flipchart.Nice wish lists and aspirations that are destined for a paragraph in an event summary and not much else.

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